Next Generation Email Groups

Is your team constantly emailing each other questions?
If you're using Google Groups for Business then Copyin is for you

Copyin turns your email group
into your knowledge base

Captures discussion from your email groups

Copyin replaces the internal email groups your teams already use and captures all of the conversations from them. 

Everything gets captured, threaded and indexed

Conversations are cleaned up, threaded and indexed so that anyone can search them. 

You get a company knowledge base

New hires now immediately have the collective knowledge of your company at their disposal. No need to spend hours and hours  bringing people up to speed.



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Onboard new team mates without answering old questions

Nobody has hours and hours to spend telling new team members how everything works. And nobody wants to be that newbie who constantly has to bother everyone with questions. 

By capturing questions as they're answered, Copyin creates the documentation that describes how your company works as it's being built. Ask once, available forever.

Use your existing email workflow

Copyin integrates with the internal email groups your team already uses
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"Copyin has given our team the ability to search for how things are done in a way they never had before. Behind our intranet it is the most important information resource we have"


— Sheri Selkirk, Brownell Travel

“Copyin has become the first place our team goes to find out how to do their jobs. It is now literally the handbook to our company"


— Dash Nason, Brojure